What is Drive Electric Utah?

Drive Electric Utah is a statewide program dedicated to increasing EV adoption, infrastructure development, and workplace charging to further advance Smart Mobility in Utah’s rural and urban communities.

Drive Electric Utah is one of fourteen states partnered in Drive Electric USA which involves the Department of Energy, Vehicle Technologies Office, Clean Cities Program, Industry Leaders, Dealerships, and Energy Service Providers to transform and build America’s Transportation future today!

Why Drive Electric?

Electric vehicle have come a long way since they were first introduced. There is no longer a reason to fear driving an electric vehicle. As urban areas fill up and more vehicles hit the road, emissions become a larger issue. The electric car can be the answer to a polluted city among other great perks to driving an EV.

  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Cheaper lifetime ownership cost
  • Quiet, smooth driving experience
  • Wide selection of electric vehicle options
  • Rebates, tax credits & other state incentives

Around 70% of drivers in the US are on the road for less than 60 miles each weekday.

– Arcadia

Utah is embracing EV infrastructure. The numbers speak for themselves!

Level 2 & DC Fast Chargers
Federal Tax Credit
models avaliable

Utah Clean Cities Projects

Utah Clean Cities is involved in multiple EV projects across the nation.
Learn more about each product and find out how to get involved with each. 

Drive Electric Utah would not be possible without the support from the Utah Department of Transportation.
Thank you.


Project Partners

Drive Electric Utah is a program is run by Utah Clean Cities Coalition.

It is funded by the Department of Energy that is focused on reducing the use of petroleum use in the United States. If you want to learn more about Utah Clean Cities and our mission please visit  utahcleancities.org

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