The Southern Utah EV owners e-mail list curated by early EV adopter and enthusiast Mark Larsen, Ph.D. While Mark’s primary career focus has always been Latin American languages, literature, culture and civilization, he substantially volunteers his time and energy to help to mitigate the climate crisis by advocating for electric vehicles and renewable energy. Mark has given talks and presentations at gatherings for National Drive Electric Week, Earth Day, the Utah Clean Cities Coalition, and the Utah Public Services Commission.

Mark first became enthused with electric vehicles during the Opec Oil Crisis in the 1970s. He put down a deposit for a Nissan LEAF the very first day reservations opened, and purchased the very first LEAF that Nissan officially delivered in Utah. Mark drove that EV for more than 6 years and 62,000 miles, and then purchased a Tesla Model 3 that he has now driven for more than 5 years and 70,000 miles.

Mark maintains a website with numerous posts about EV ownership, accessories, road trips, and advocacy. Among the many resources of the website are quarterly reports on EV sales in both Utah and the USA and online tools to help people compare the carbon footprints of their gas cars with EVs.
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